Lab Protocols



  • GIfT: murine GastroIntestinal Transcription Factor Database)
    Access the RT-PCR expression profile on a comprehensive set of ~1,400 TF genes during successive stages of fetal intestine and stomach development.
    >> As published in Choi et al., Development 2006; 133(20):4119-29.
  • Mouse Intestine SAGE Expression
    Access to our time point expression on libraries from three discrete stages in development of the mouse small intestine: post-coital days (E) 12.5, 13.5, and 15.5.
    >> As published in Lepourcelet et al., Development 2005; 132:415-427.
  • Int_Stom SAGE
    Comparison of SAGE expression in stomach vs intestine in mouse embryos at embryonic day (E)12.5.
    >> As published in Kim et al., Developmental Cell 2005; 8:611-622.

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